Personify your target audience
The world’s first psychosocial solution for digital advertising,
fueled by multi-layered data from online social interactions.
A whole new world of Persona targeting
Practical persona Emotional persona Risk Averse persona Achiever persona Popular persona Explorer persona Status Seeker persona Persistent persona
It's time to personify your target audience and hit them in the right spot
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Sensplit Super segmentation feature Persona Super-Segmentation
Leverage your engagement and ROI by making perfect matches between creative and personality-based targeted audiences. read more
Sensplit Insights and Outlook feature Sensplit Insights and Outlook
Follow and compare your campaign's performance with in-depth data, statistics and a variety of graphical displays. read more
Sensplit Account Management Platform feature Account Management Platform
Automatically create, test, launch and manage your campaigns, budget and schedule. read more
Sensplit ABO Automatic Bidding Optimization feature ABO – Automatic
Bidding Optimization
Sensplit manages your budget wisely with automatically optimized pricing of desired actions. read more
Sensplit Retargeting feature Retargeting
Adjust and retarget your campaigns based on your brand's goals and a real-time stream of data. read more
Sensplit Hybrid Campaigns feature Hybrid Campaigns
Assemble your campaign out of owned, paid and earned media, together with a variety of FB's sophisticated Ads and Marketing products. read more

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